What is ASOJ

Subject : Organizational Profile



Subject : Organizational Profile


ASOJ was established in Mogadishu 01.September.2004 in following the preparation of an insulting media law & its submission by the Authorities and warlords ravaged this country for the last decade and half.

The organization's vision was to protect and promote Somali journalists and to bring together journalists who were disintegrated as the entire parts of the society were broken up by civil wars, tribalism and politicized aspirations of clan warlords.

To realize this vision, ASOJ was holding every year a general assembly as stated by its constitution, which determines democratically the organization's policies and future plans. In every general assembly, where all members of ASOJ meet and exchanged views, and put into power rules of the organization, new member-journalists adhere to their colleagues to reveal professional cohesion and expose strong institution that defends their rights.


1. 1.Organization Date.

2. Objective of the organization.

3. Organization vision.

4. What is an ASOJ?

5. Membership

6. Organization structure

Organization Title: Associated Somali Journalist

Observation: ASOJ

Organization type: Somali local Association

Contact names:

1-Mr Said Abdi Salan,-+25261-5857969 ,Mogadishu,Somalia

2- Mrs Fadumo Farah (Fanka), +25261-5929537,Mogadishu,Somalia

3- Mr Abukar Ahmed +46734938315, Stockholm.Sweden

4-Mr Dahir Abdulle Alasow + 31684863567,Breda,Netherlands

5- Mr Sunni Said Saleh +254-721242424,Nairobi,Kenya

Target area: Mogadishu/Somalia

Founded date: 01-Sep-2004

Head office: Mogadishu

Branch office: Somaliland,Puntland,Galmudug,Ogadenia

Sectors involved: Mass media

Networks: International Media defenders

What is ASOJ?

ASOJ is a non-profit and nongovernmental organization; the Association has branches in all over Somalia. It works together with all sectors of Somali society including non-governmental organizations, governmental institutions, civil societies and the general public in information management.

Membership and partner Organizations

ASOJ is a member of the Arab Press Freedom Watch {APFW}

ASOJ is partner organization :

Somali exiled journalists Association (S.E.J.ASS.)

Federation of Somali Journalists FESOJ

Somali journalist’s rights agency (SOJRA)

Somali Journalists in Netherlands (SOMJON)

Women journalists in action (WOJA)

ASOJ Objectives

To defend and broaden the freedom of the Press, which is the freedom to gather information, the freedom to impart information and the freedom of opinion without meddling .

To represent journalists in all places where topics relating to the profession are in discussions.

To normalize and develop relationships involving the employees and employers.

To negotiate and support the agreements of disagreements arising between employees and employers by pacification, mediation or otherwise safeguard the interest of the members.

To strive and seek out services for members to obtain skills training.

The protection and development of freedom of expression and democracy to enable the citizens to express their feelings liberally at any time.

To move up the importance of journalism in the society by implementing a professional code of ethics.

To promote a courage of cooperation and unity among Somali journalists.

The protection and backing of public justice, civil liberty and peace.

The elimination of favoritism on the basis of clan, gender or disability.

To protect and promote the rights of freelance journalists.

To defend the common interest of the nation and the coexistence of the Somali people.

To promote the rights of women journalists and not to discriminate them in the media, and to guarantee their appearance in all structures of the union.

Sincerely yours,

Membership of the Association

The membership of the association is open to anyone involved in journalistic profession. The membership levels are full membership, associated membership and honorary membership .