Three Somali Journalist fighting over the Presidency throne in the future

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    Three Somali Journalist fighting over the Presidency throne in the future

    Mogadishu 17 Novemberr 2009

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Mogadishu 17 Novemberr 2009
Abdi Nasser Mohammed Omar Zero is among the famous Somali journalists, he has worked in different radio stations in the capital Mogadishu, such as radio voice of peace (Ex radio Mogadishu), Hornafrik, STN and Simba.

Abdi Nasser is an industrious Journalist who does his job in the most appropriate way, and I am in fact one of the journalists who worked with him, and what is worth to be mentioned is that he used to present a certain programme at STN radio at daybreak, which was in fact hard task for many of his colleagues at the station to perform, in fact he was very punctual to do his duty. 

The most interesting part of the story is that Journalist Abdi Nasser is a man who likes to be called honorable president, and he appreciates most whoever calls him honorable President. 

Abdi Nasser considers himself to be the future president of Somalia, and the favourite statement in his Msn chat is THE PRESIDENT OF THE ISLMAIC REPUBLIC OF SOMALIA HONORABLE ABDI NASSER OMAR ZERA. 

If you salute Abdi Nasser with the title of honorable Mr. President he will automatically replay with honorable Prime Minister or may be Mr. Minister so and so. 

Mr. Abdi Nasser will offer the title of Prime Minister whoever calls him or considers him to be the future president of Somalia, but there are two more journalists who are contesting with Abdi Nasser Zero in that title of the future president of Somalia. 

Since we have been friends Abdi Nasser was ever keeping in his brain that one day one time he will be the president of Somalia. During his days in Somalia Abdi Nasser has attended at the University of Political Science in Mogadishu and History, and has also went to Kenya for further studies, and he is currently in Washington DC, and he gives most of his time, to political researches and what is wanted from a president to do. 

Awil Dahir Salat is also among the famous Somali journalists, he is an author, a man of creativity, and he was among the journalists who were working in the north of Mogadishu. He is the author of several stories, such as the departure from Mogadishu he has worked in radio Hornafrik, and has reached the rank of the radio director. 

Awil Dahir is the kind of man who has given his time in education, and since from 1991, he admired to be called honorable President, he has been for sometime studying in London in UK and his hobby is to research, what are the regulations wanted from a president, and how the presidents of the world work. 

If you greet Mr. Awil Dahir Salat with the title of honorable president he will replay you, “it is glory for you to greet a president with his title” 

It is not a simple thing for Awil Dahir Salat to give a title when you call him Mr. President other than it is glory for you, and if you ask him the post he will offer you if he becomes the president of Somalia he will tell you that he will look for the post you fit most the national government institutions. 

When Awil comes into the electronic chat rooms, his title is THE PRESIDENT OF CHANGE IN SOMALIA. 

Mowlid Hajji Abdi is among the famous Somali Journalists he has worked in radio voice of the people, Ex radio Mogadishu, became the director of radio SBC, and since childhood he liked the title of presidency, and typically dresses like a president, and pins his shirt or jacket with the badge of the Somali national flag. 

In most of his photographs Mowlid has in the background the Somali national flag that is if you thoroughly scrutinize, he either dresses like a president or a military general, he is as well addicted to have photographs in a well equipped offices. 

Mowlid in confidence belives that Awil Dahir Salat and Abdi Nasser Zero cannot challenge him in the presidency of Somalia, and hopes that the two journalists will do concession in challenging him for the post of Presidency in Somalia, and pledged for them the post of Ambassadors if they do concessions in their contest. 

When Mowlid comes to the Iternet Msn he has the writings: “THE FUTURE PRESIDENT OF THE SOMALI REPUBLIC HONORABLE MOWLID HAJJI ABDI”

Mowlid is currently studying in London, and he is wondering with the poor governance in Somalia, and considers himself to be the president of the country and the people of Somalia, who will lead them to justice and development. 

From their physically appearance the 3 journalists worth to be given that name of president because they have the style of a president. 

There is no possibility that one of them will do concession for the other because, the like of presidency is planted in the hearts of each one of them. 

And if they would have been sieved as 4.5 the way the current Somali government is formed the constitution does not allow because the three of them hail from the same tribe. 

Even if that is denied a country cannot be led by a president, a Prime Minister and the speaker of the House who are all from the same tribe.

Eventually this information which we mean to change the atmosphere of the readers of we are inviting the three contesters, to present what they will be doing for the Somali people in the future, and recommend, two of them to do concession for the other to lead the country. 

By Dahir Abdulle Alasow

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