SOCJA condemns IFJ threats to Somali journalists,

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    SOCJA condemns IFJ threats to Somali journalists,

    Mogadishu 22 October 2009

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Mogadishu 22 October 2009 The South and Central Journalists Association (SOCJA) is sharply condemns the statement posted on the IFJ website in which secretary general of International federation of journalists (IFJ) attacks Somali journalists and their own rights.

''we are so sorry to hear about this less-responsible Idea from the head of (IFJ) Aden- white to intervene Somali journalists and our organizations said Mohamed Nuxurkey the president of South and Central Journalists Association (SOCJA).

Good to admit of your clear aggression against Somali journalists against our Professional activists for freedom of expression those who are working in the country to promote media standers and defend journalist’s rights, while media violations in Somalia are more sophisticating.

IFJ’s full disobediences will not affect our activity to take action and advocate press freedoms in our country added Mohamed Nuxurkey president of SOCJA.

We understand NUSOJ is your only colleague in Somalia but let me remind you still drive to a wrong direction.

I strongly encourage you not to lose the International obligation of your organization and you should just do apologize to Somali journalists and press organizations because of your bad Idea.

Aden’s saying is come in time of Somali journalists formed new unions in and outside of the country after missing enough trustworthiness actions to confront violent attacks against journalist’s good protection as well.

South and central journalists association is formed October 9/10/2009 in Mogadishu by a Somali journalists from all sectors of media houses in the south and central of Somalia where journalists are always detained, harassed, poisoned, killed, threatened kidnapped, or tortured.

the absences of unanimously gathered organization of Somalia journalists and subsequently very capable to deal with the far needs of Somali journalists inspired the formation of south and central journalists association (SOCJA) and the Somali exiled journalists association (S.E.J.SAS.).

For this reason SOCJA is calling to all an International Organizations and British government to take positive measures of IFJ’s threats against Somali journalists and Somali press organizations.

(SOCJA) is also urging International organizations for press and human rights defenders to launch group of monitors to evaluate whether (NUSOJ) is the one which have the voice of the Somali journalists or (SOCJA) and other partners for press freedom in Somalia.

BY Mohamed Ali Nuxurkey president of south and central journalists association (SOCJA).

here are what Aden White had said.


Kind regards.
Mohamed Nuxurkey (SOCJA) President.
[email protected]
[email protected]
Km 4 Mogadishu.


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