Somali Journalists denounces IFJ for violating the Somali Journalists

Monday July 05, 2010 - 02:44:07 in English News by Super Admin
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    Somali Journalists denounces IFJ for violating the Somali Journalists

    Mogadishu 21 October 2009

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Mogadishu 21 October 2009
The organization which has stood for Somali Journalists (Associated Somali Journalists ASOJ) has strongly criticized Adan White the secretary of IFJ. (20 October 2009).

The Chairman of ASOJ honorable Dahir Abdulle Alasow officially said that the secretary general of IFJ is hazard to the efforts of the somali Journalists to emancipate themselves from individuals who are using their names, this has became heartbreaking issue. 

“We see the statement from Adan White as threatening, which has a raised at a transition period, when of course the Somali journalists are whole heartedly united, and unanimously applauded to fight against those who are tremendously making benefits out of their names inform of NGO, we shall continue to struggle to achieve the Somali journalists to free from the hands of those individuals who have not Journalism knowledge, it is for sure that we shall win over them (the tyrants) simply as the famous world dictators we over won” said Honorable Dahir Abdulle Alasow the Chairman of ASOJ. 

Associated Somali Journalists has sent full support the entire of the organizations, which are sincerely committed on the development of the Somali Journalists, local and internationally wherever they are in the world.

ASOJ is congratulating the Somali Journalists Organizations, which have became a good sign for the authentic support of the Somali Journalists, and how impartiality and developmentally they are serving the Somali Journalists, these organizations are as follows:- 

1-Somali Exiled Journalists Association (S.E.J.ASS)

2-Somali Journalists rights Agency (SOJRA)

3-Women Journalists in Action (WOJA)

4-Somali Coalition for Freedom of Expression (SOCFEX)

5-Somali Women Journalist Association (SOWJA)

6-South and Central journalists Association (SOCJA)

ASOJ is urging these above mentioned organizations to double their efforts, in order to obtain total Justice, unity and strong defense, which can not be pierced and democracy standing on strong feet. 

We are feeling that the secretary of IFJ Mr. Adan White admires totalitarian rule, and were are hereby telling that we are Somalis and proud to be Somalis, and we have emancipated ourselves from the Great United Kingdom and Italiano Colonizers as long as 1st of July 1960, and it is very important for everybody to bear in mind what was existing in the 19th centaury, and how we have swum out, we know that we have no sufficient money, we know that most of us have no traveling documents, we know that it is the luck of strong government, for the last 19 years, and that is why everybody is parasite in us enjoying sucking our blood, but what we have is good faith and intention, which will one day allow us to achieve our goals, and nobody can use our name as long as we are animate, we are eventually urging Amnesty International, Human rights Watch, CPJ, RSF, IFEX and NED to send fact finding committee to Somalia, and to collect data about the wants of the Somali Journalists on the ground, and to see to what extent those who are illegally using their names have support on the ground.

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