Somalia:Details about the election of the Somali journalists in Kenya .

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    Somalia:Details about the election of the Somali journalists in Kenya .

    Nairobi 08 Setember 2009

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Nairobi 08 Setember 2009
The Committee of the association of Somali journalists in Kenya

The programme of the election of the Somali Journalists in the Kenyan capital Nairobi will kickoff on 11th of September 2009 that is the coming Friday at exactly 2:00pm Nairobi time, and the avenue will be at kalsan premises in Eastligh.

Conditions needed from the Candidate are as follows 

Should be a Somali by blood. 

Should be real and famous Journalist. 

Should have basic education.

Should be able to speak one of the internally spoken languages such as English, French and Arabic.

Should pay 1,000 Kenyan Shilling before contesting as a candidate 

Should be prepared to talk for 5 minutes about his biography, and his activities 

The deadline for receiving the applications will be on Wednesday the 9th of September 2009 at exactly 8:00pm.

What is wanted from the voter?

The voter should be a journalist a real journalist 

Has the right to vote for any candidate among the contesters 

The voter should be punctually present at the venue where the election is taking place, at the actual time when the election is to kickoff. 

The voter cannot be responsible of any other person 

The voter should come with an Identity Card.

The voter should be contented with the result of the outcome of the election, and whoever wins to represent the Somali journalists in Kenya.

Any journalist who is in Kenya and has been alerted to attend the election and has not attended the election venue will be considered as not wanting the Unity and Development of the Somali Journalists. 

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