Somalia:NUSOJ Should not be allowed to undermine efforts intended at supporting the Somali journalist exiled in Dj

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    Somalia:NUSOJ Should not be allowed to undermine efforts intended at supporting the Somali journalist exiled in Dj

    Djabouti 20 May 2009

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Djabouti 20 May 2009 Press Release

The Somali Journalists exiled in Djibouti state that, contrary to recent reports by NUSOJ and the realization of a Somali news agency (SOMINA) that will supposedly be helping the Somali journalist; the union has turned its back on Somali Journalist in Djibouti.

It has become a norm for the union to use the Somali Journalists and their predicament as a means to raise funds for themselves.

Only two journalists has been chosen to benefit from the hyped SOMINA news agency. Instead of employing the unemployed journalists already in Djibouti, NOSAJ recruited friends and family member outside Djibouti to work at their offices.

We believe that funds and programs aimed at helping the Somali Journalists who are in Djibouti have been misappropriated and used for personal gains.
We believe that the partners who are funding these programs, human rights organization and all the friends of Somali Journalist need to know the reality of the situation.

NUSOJ has collected funds from well meaning organizations including Doha Center and RSF representing The Somali Journalists. It is unfortunate that while NUSOJ General Secretary organizes elaborate events at expensive hotels, buys several SUVs, the Somali Journalists in Djibouti has been suffered for lack of support.

NUSOJ has repeatedly interfered and blocked financial and material support from international organizations to reach journalists so that they can get on their feet. As a result, some of our colleagues returned to Mogadishu where they face constant threat on their lives while some migrated to other countries using whatever means available to them.

We call upon our friends and colleugues to continue defending the struggle of the Somali journalists everywhere.

1-Miikaahiil Rashiid Barre Radio Shabeele.

2-Cabdullaahi Muuse Kalgacal Radio Horn Afrik

3-C/qaadir Zubeyr Xaaji Xasan Radio Shabeele

4-Farxaan Xareed Maxamuud Radio TFG Baydhabo

5-Maxamed Nuur Macallin Johanis Radio TFG Baydhabo

6-Maxamed Macallin Cismaan (All-man) Ayaamaha News Press and SomaliTalk

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