An Open Letter to Prime Minister Nur Hassan Hussen by the Associated Somali Journalists (ASOJ)

Monday July 05, 2010 - 02:01:15 in English News by Super Admin
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    An Open Letter to Prime Minister Nur Hassan Hussen by the Associated Somali Journalists (ASOJ)

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Janaury 25, 2008 

Dear PM Nur,
The Associated Somali Journalists (ASOJ) writes to you in advance of your government’s reshuffle. 

While we look forward to the new cabinet that you will nominate and its future plans, we would like to draw your attention to the violations against journalists in Somalia, which we hope you will appropriately tackle during your tenure in office. 

As you are aware, the transitional federal government of Somalia has repeatedly been urged to act decisively and bring to a halt the wave of extra-judicial killings of journalists that have been perpetrated your country. 

As a State party to the International Human rights convention and Geneva declaration, to date, the government has failed to make any substantial progress in this regard and has therefore flouted its international obligations. 

The killings continue without reprieve. 
We are extremely alarmed that, despite the continuing attacks and violence against journalists and their families, the government's response has been completely inadequate and insufficient. 

If there are any actions being taken, they have failed to lead to the identification, arrest or effective prosecution of the perpetrators of these killings. Furthermore, there is also a lack of effective implementation laws to ensure that abuse and violations against journalists are protected in Somalia. 

Although we appreciate the calls of condemnation and investigation of each of these cases involving the killing of journalists, we are not aware of any substantial progress resulting from its work. Members of the international community have already resoundingly condemned these killings and the government's inadequate response. 

Dear PM Nur, we are aware of that the killers are members of the state’s law enforcement agencies, and its opponents. 

The government must send a strong message to the perpetrators and to the international community, that it does not and will not tolerate these murders. 

It must prove itself capable of protecting the lives of its citizens, upholding the rule of law and ending the impunity enjoyed by the perpetrators of these grave abuses. 

There have been a number of cases that we have reported where witnesses and families of the dead have been unable to get protection. 

In order to provide protection and security and to ensure the welfare of witnesses, the families of the dead and those facing threats, it is essential for the State to effectively investigate and prosecute the perpetrators. 

Dahir Abdulle Alasow
ASOJ Chairman
[email protected]
[email protected]
Netherlands –Rotterdam

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