Most Somali Journalists are jobless-list names

Friday September 03, 2010 - 04:27:28 in English News by Super Admin
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    Most Somali Journalists are jobless-list names

    Associated Somali Journalists

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Associated Somali Journalists

Mogadishu ( There are many famous Somali Journalists who have stopped working in Somalia due to the prevailing security conditions. Although most of these journalists fled their homeland from the year 2007 there are some who are still in Somalia but left their job because they could not continue.

The website has contacted with some of these journalists and realized that some of those journalists do not have even source of income for now.

There are some other journalists who were killed while on duty and some who were left by the assassins who taught they were dead.

Some of those journalists who are still in Somalia but stopped working are;

Those in Mogadishu

1- Omar Sheikh Ahmed Sham

2- Mohamed Muday Boqorka Bartamaha-

3- Mohamed Ibrahin Ruush

4- Hussein Nor Gesey

5- Abdikadir Omar Abdulle

6- Mohamed Omar Baakaay

7- Hassan Mohamed Mohamud Hassan Jaceylk

8- Mohamed Auukar Ma’da

Those in Marka District

1- Osman Ahmed Salad (Amerika)

2- Mohamud Abdi Kadar (Guudoow)

3- Yusuf Mohamed Sheikh (leyri)

4- Sahra Abdi Ahmed (Bakool)

5- Yusuf Mohamed Keynan

6- Maxamed Cusmaan Weynka

7- Husein Yusuf Aana Boore

8- Maana Huseen Roble

9- Amina Ali rooble

All those journalists who some of them recently left Mogadishu are now jobless. They do not have any source of income. So we appeal to all the Somali journalists and colleagues to help them and contribute generously to a course that is aimed at helping those journalists.

To all those Somali journalists who are working in the Diaspora kindly contribute generously. One big problem among the Somali journalists is that they don’t help each other. It is now time to be united and stand for each other.

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