Somali Journalists Lauch their own union

Monday July 05, 2010 - 02:51:03 in English News by Super Admin
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    Somali Journalists Lauch their own union

    Mogadishu 19, 12, 2009 (SOFCA)

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Mogadishu 19, 12, 2009 (SOFCA)

Somali prominent journalists in Mogadishu have for the first time officially launched a new Press Freedom Group. Somali Foreign Correspondents Association (SOFCA), after meeting at Nasahablod hotel in Mogadishu. 

After we had realized that we work in the world’s most dangerous country we have decided to come together discuss about our safety and establish this Union. 

The Union is promising to defend the freedom of the press. It also promised to push for a change in some of the views that the international community and the journalists’ rights defenders world wide have had about Journalists working on the ground. 

 The Union wants to change a wrongly believed idea that all journalists in Somalia are represented by a particular group or individual at international meetings, work shops, and forums for media support centers and donors. 

The union members believe that there is nothing that could prevent Somali Journalists to have more than one UNION with the leadership of well-known journalists and good professionals.

 “There is certainly no reason on earth why Somali journalists on the ground cannot have their own professional union,” said Seynab Abukar, a reporter for Radio Voice of America, based in Mogadishu. “We are happy with our new union,” Abukar said. 

 “A mistake, if there is any, can only be a mistake, when you refuse to correct it,” said Abdi Samad Abdulkadir Mohamed Olad Hassan, the chairman for the newly established press freedom group SOFCA. 

“This is a delayed progressive step taken forward and the union will at least help us to help each other, I am happy with it,” said Mohamed Sheikh Nor, a photographer for AP news agency. 

This union has been established to show the solidarity of more than 50 journalists, mainly, those whose bylines always appear on the international headlines by taking the risk and showing bravery to carry on their jobs. 

 “The aim is to speak for the voiceless and seek support for our colleagues on the ground, when they need us and face either physical problems or morale damage due to the ceaseless conflict that always affects their jobs and freedom of speech,” Olad said. 

This union is none profit with a voluntary advocacy for the welfare, safety and freedom of the journalists and will be always ready to alert the world about Journalists problems timely with details. 

 The union’s target is to help whole-heartedly free media, democracy, transparency and insuperable advocacy to prevail in Somalia particularly and the whole world in General. 


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