Amanda and Nigel ,I share the awful situation with you

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    Amanda and Nigel ,I share the awful situation with you

    Mogadishu 24 Novemberr 2009

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Mogadishu 24 Novemberr 2009

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November 22, 2009                                                         Ref: 010029CHA024

I share the awful situation with you

To: Amanda and Nigel

I am writing this letter to you while tears shed into my eyes, pain in my heart, because of the hardships situation and the lasting captivity.

I don’t know when it will reach you, but I am writing it November 22, 2009, in Holland where I also live for asylum.

You are abducted in my home country Somalia for one year and 91 days, starting from the date you were illegally taken hostages August 23, 2008. I conform you that the Somali journalists share the pain with you and are sorry about your situation.

If I tell you about myself, I am a Somali Journalist. My name is Dahir Alasow. And I live in Netherlands. The reason I am in Holland is that I escaped three assassination attempts in one year.

Now I want to tell you why I am sending this letter to you, Amanda and Nigel. After one year in Captivity, I am and other colleagues of Somali Journalists decided to launch a campaign that can facilitate your release and ensure your safety.

Efforts, carried by human rights activists, journalists, press watchdogs, local elders and religious leaders, are under way, and all the people I mentioned are trying to make sure your release.

My colleagues in Somalia tirelessly follow your situation, and I am writing this letter after 45 days when your kidnappers accepted that I can write for you, so that, you will read my message.

But I would have liked that you would get back your freedom even before my letter came to you, so that you will read it while you are free.

I am excited to inform you that we are establishing a campaign that is called Release Amanda and Nigel and I wish this campaign will succeed to your release.

Finally, I wish you good luck, and you will return your freedom soon and join your families.

Keep in mind that criminals always commit crimes against innocent people like you, but God blessing, you will be the upper hand in the last.

Best wishes,

By Dahir Alasow

Chairman, Associated Somali Journalists 

DAHIR ALASOW: A senior Radio and TV journalist, a leader of a press watchdog ASOJ and the editor of, is the outstanding commentator that criticizes the political parts  he is "the truth pen" that writes only for the public interest and defends the truth.

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