TOPNEWS: Silanyo Authority Arrests 13 Journalists in Hargeisa

Sunday January 15, 2012 - 17:58:28 in English News by Super Admin
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    TOPNEWS: Silanyo Authority Arrests 13 Journalists in Hargeisa

    Somaliland threats-

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Somaliland threats-

ASOJ.ORG – 13 Somali journalist were taken into jail by the conservation troops of Silanyo's presidential building after they were preparing reports about students who were demonstrating the poor administration of Silanyo, president of Somaliland.


The Somaliland authority closed up the Horn Cable TV and independents journalists which its dictatorship behavior.


Most of the journalists are from the officials of the Independent media in Somaliland included the chairman of Associated Somaliland journalists (SOLJA), Hassan Mohamed Yusuf.


Eyewitnesses who were present nearby at Somaliland presidential building in Hargeisa city told to Associated Somaliland journalists that they saw journalist were beaten by butte of the guns while their hands were closed.


After it's confirmed, the journalists were arrested today in Hargeisa included;


1-Hassan Mohamed Yusuf – Chairman of SOLJA.

2-Mohamed Abdi Ilig –Director of Horn Cable TV

3-Mohamed Omar Abdi –the editor of Jamhuuriya news paper

4-Hamse Ali Bulbul Head of news, Horn Cable TV

5-Nimco Omar Sabriye Horn Cable TV

6-Najah Aden Cunaaye Hadhwanaag News

7-Mohamed Kuraase Horn Cable

8-Cabdiraxmaan Aynte Horn Cable

9-Hodan Cajabe Horn Cable

10-Mohamed Harago BeberaNews

11-Saleebaan Ali (Kalshale) Waaheen news paper

12-Mohamud Huuto- The editor Waaheen news paper

13- Ali Jama Mohamed   Jamhuuriya news paper

The Associated Somali Journalists ASOJ condemns the imprisonment of the journalist who argued their rights and the unfair closed of Horn Cable TV.

Associated Somali Journalists call on to international community once more not ignores the spread violence from Silanyoauthority against the Independent journalist and Media which run inside of his ruling areas.

By Dahir Alasow

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