ASOJ MEMBERS MET IN NAIROBI that meeting was discused the objective of the asoj and was nominated new.

Monday July 05, 2010 - 01:22:24 in English News by Super Admin
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    ASOJ MEMBERS MET IN NAIROBI that meeting was discused the objective of the asoj and was nominated new.

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Membership of the Association Board:

1-Dahir Abdulle Alasow Chairman

2-Mohamed Hashi Ali General Secretary .

3-Khadijo Mohamed Jima'ale Vice Chairman.

4-Abdikadir Mohamed Ashar Nadara Vice Chairman

5- Abdilahi Jamac Secretary of Foreign relations 

6- Fu-aad Mohamed Elmi  General Coordinator 

7-Anab Mohamed yare Secretary of Women Journalists Affairs

8-Abdilahi Abdi rahman { Alif} Secretary of mobilization and Arts

9-Abdi Nasir Mohamud Omar Secretary of Alerts and Training

10-Mohamed Osman Sheik Qadafi  Secretary of Public Relations

11- Hassan Omar Mohamed Baafo Secretary of Finance 

12-Farduus Mohamed Abdulle Head of Research anddocumentation 

13-Suni Siciid Saleh   Spokesman of ASOJ 

14- Abdi Aziz Ahmed Gurbiye, Media advisor of the Chairman 

15-Siciid Omar Baaffo Law advisor of the Chairman 

16-Abdilahi Nur Kolombo Representative of USA

17-Abdilahi Hussein Maaryaa Representative of U.K

18-Hussein Osman Sahnun Representative of Egypt

19-Roda Jama Roble Representative of Kenya

20-Abdi Fitah la jecloow Representative of Sweden.

21-Abdullahi Barre Alamtara Representative of U.A.E. 

22-Mohamed Hassan Feynuus Representative of Uganda 

23-Mohamed Yusuf Hajji Tahriib Representative of South Africa 

24-Hadiis Mohamed Hadiis Representative of Somaliland

25Mowlid Haji Abdi Representative of Puntland 

26-Abdalla Mohamed Abdulle Representative of Galmudug State 

27-Farhan Hassan Lafoole Representative of Jubba Regions 

28-Abdi Fitah Mohamed Hilowle Representative of Mogadishu 

29-Fahad Mohamed Abukar Representative of Bay and Bakol 

30-Abdukadir Hussein Abdulle   Representative of Hiiraan Region 

31-Abdi Kariim Hussein Guutaale Representative of Middle Shabelle

The membership of the Association is open to anyone involved in journalists profession. The membership levels are full membership, Associated membership and honorary membership.

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